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Homeschooling With a Busy Schedule

Going to the grocery store, the Dr. and the dentist- these are essential parts of running a household.

It is very important for a homeschooling families to manage these appointments in an efficient manner.

Sure the temptation is there to just pick up and go whenever you feel like it, but for homeschool success it does not pair very well.

When you schedule your appointments or errands you need to know what works best for your family. Perhaps you need time to take a family member somewhere.

Here are some things to consider.

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Learning to Say No

The word no implies a negative meaning; however it is not always a bad thing.

I love being a wife and mom. It makes it even better that I can homeschool too. Often, I have to guard these things.

Sometimes there are seasons in your life that will make it a challenge to run your school. Other times, unfortunately, there are people that make it a challenge for you. Continue reading

Homeschool Laws

Do you know the homeschool laws in your state?

Every state has different laws and some states are more restrictive than others. (Please note- I am not talking about a publicly funded online charter school).

There are a few states in which parents don’t have to file a notice to the school district.

Most, however, require you to keep paperwork and records regarding your home school. Some states are even more restrictive and require you to file an annual notice, test results, and other info.

It is important for you to know the legal requirements in your own state.

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Is There an Underachiever that you know?

Not too long ago I was in a conversation with someone who was very interested in homeschooling. They began asking all kinds of questions about how we do it.

Then this person started talking about their two children.

They told me about their oldest child and how they had graduated early and been very academically inclined. They also told me how this led to success after college.

Then you could feel the mood drop as we began to talk about the youngest child. This child did average work but seemed to have no motivation in school, dropped out of college, and had a string of bad employment choices behind them.

Now I have talked to more than one person with similar situations, and I have seen it play out several times.

What struck me as different this time was the sheer disappointment that was displayed right in front of me, and I don’t even know this person very well. I have the feeling that this was truly something that was a huge issue in their family and that the youngest child was probably well aware that they were the black sheep.

Underachiever Versus Overachiever

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Choosing Your Homeschool Curriculum

Choosing homeschool curriculum could cause you to go into information overload. There are so many choices!

It’s important to evaluate them according to your family’s needs.

For example, a mother with an only child can devote more individual teaching time than a mother with six children. The mother of six needs to be more creative when scheduling school and choosing curriculum.

Here are some factors you need to consider:

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Different Homeschool Methods Explained

There are many different homeschool methods. Your first step is to decide which one is right for you.

When my family first started homeschooling, we began under a public school program. Granted, this was not considered homeschooling by the state.

Since I was the teacher, I had to figure out the best way to do it. I count this time as our first two years homeschooling.

Some people really like the idea of being under the direction of the school and the stability and backup it provided. We started out with this program, but ended up leaving it so that we could pick out the curriculum we desired. We also wanted to individualize the education for our children.

When you homeschool, you can decide to study an in depth topic whenever you like. If your child is having trouble with a certain subject, then you can take the time and help them figure it out.

Every Family is Unique!

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