8 Reasons To Love Fall

Sometimes the change in seasons can have an effect on your mood. Everyone has a favorite season (or two).

Just in case you are feeling down about summer being over, here are some things to look forward to in fall.

Leaves changing color/beauty– In some regions of the USA, there is a magnificent display of color every year. Orange, yellow, and red make a brief appearance on the leaves before they all come falling to the ground.

Sports– are you ready for some football? Whether it’s your child playing or your favorite college or NFL team, it’s fun to watch a game for a few hours. Throw in a meal and that makes it even better!

Cozy fabrics-hoodie weather, flannel, blankets. Sweaters and your favorite pair of jeans. Do I have to say more?

Great temperature-60-70 degree days, perfect for a hooded sweatshirt or light jacket. You no longer have to worry about the oppressive humidity like you do in the summer.

Last chance to do outdoor chores– This is the time of year that you remember all the chores you mean to do over the summer and weren’t able too. Like cleaning the gutters or the back porch.

Some of my favorite memories are of raking leaves with my kids. Raking for me, jumping in the pile for them!

Sales on summer things– those cute swimsuits and sandals that you didn’t need will all be on clearance soon. Great reason to stock up for next year.

Great season for get-togethers, indoors or outdoors– I love the smell of a cookout and campfire. Fall is the perfect season to have a get-together outdoors or inside. It won’t be too hot around the fire or picnic table, but also it isn’t too stuffy inside either. You can open your windows or even your screen door for a nice breeze.

Corn mazes and pumpkin picking/carving– Another one of my favorite memories with my kids has always been pumpkin carving and corn mazes. We haven’t carved a pumpkin for a couple of years. Now that they are older, they would probably enjoy a pumpkin carving kit.

Whatever you end up doing this fall, I hope you and your family have fun.


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